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Tokio- Praha
Watching the things which draw my attention is the most important thing to do with my photography. I believe that it is enough to capture the things as I saw them. They can show my curiosity toward the world in front of me and they contain fragments of plenty of strangeness and also, because of it, beauty, reality of our world. This category contains 32 photography which I took in Tokyo and Prague. Tokyo and Prague are almost the other side of the planet, when it is day time in Tokyo, it is night in Prague....I always feel how few I witness things and how lots of amazing things take place without being witnessed.
Study For Attention
What draws my attention in daily life? What fascinates and stimulates me? These are the instincts the guide me when I'm taking pictures. These pictures reveal my internal concepts and show my point of view. With these works I wanted to create a raw world, real and banal, unveiling the small visions of real life I see in front of me
Divadlo- Theater
Theatre is the place where our fantasy and imaginations are exposed. We can play there and we can take in the fantastic moments we see and make them part of our own lives.
This is collaborative work with my friend who is multiple-style artist. She is poet, model, and storyteller. She wrote a fairy tale about a PIG named Q; Q is traveling around this planet or in an imaginary world. The PIG, Q, represents the author herself. PIG, the author, meets several creatures as a star or fish... She/he finds one identity and also loses one...
Noc- Praha
I feel that night time has quite a magical function. It hides details and makes contrasts with light and shadow. It also allows phenomenon to emerge simple and clear.